School Countdown…

School…Everyone is thinking about the return to school in 7 short days (give or take depending on where you live). For the parents, there may be mixed feelings. Part of you may be looking forward to getting back into a routine of sorts and having your kids busy with school instead of being “bored” at home. Another part of you may miss having them around you, sharing fun times and special moments, watching them grow up much too fast….
Take these last few days to sit with your children and make a list of the things they liked and remember about their summer. Print off some pictures of the summer and put them on the fridge so you can continue to talk about them with your children in the weeks and months ahead (this is a way to help solidify the memories before they slip away with the business of school).
Some children think of the first day of school with fear and trepidation! “Who is going to be my teacher? Who will I sit with on the bus or at lunch? Will I find my classroom?” Take time now to help them through their fears. Stay positive. Help them keep things in perspective. Make the preparations for school days in advance (i.e., shopping, getting a bedtime routine, getting lunch ideas etc.)
For those of you heading off to College or University, especially for the first time, take a deep breath, another deep breath….and go. Many beginning college/university students that I have had come to see me with anxiety and stress, mostly based on imagined scenarios that usually never happen. If you find yourself anxious, ask your self what you are anxious about. Find a quiet place to think about your anxious thoughts. Which ones are based on fact and which ones are your interpretations? Facts are nearly not as scary as what we imagine.
School…count down has begun! Prepare. Be ready… and Smile 🙂back-to-school-countdown picture

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